That Ninja, Bush!

OMG! That had to be one of the funniest things ever in the history of funniness. My immediate reaction was "Wow, he ducked so flawlessly!" followed by 3 minutes of laughter in my office. I'm actually surprised he didn't put his hand up like Neo in the matrix and calmly say "no;" freezing the shoe in mid air. I mean this video honestly makes me think George Bush went through at least 1/2 of his presidency in intense training for moments like this. I pictured a montage of training exercises with Bush dressed like Rocky 1 in some tight gray sweats, a black fisherman's hat, and a towel wrapped around his neck.

Somewhere deep in the jungle, secret servicemen are throwing shoes at him from hidden locations.

Bush behind a podium as Stacy Adams on pendulums swing at him while he talks.

A series of push ups with a stank-shoe in his face every time he hits the ground. (to reinforce the disdain for Stank-Shoe)

Naked and crying as he's being beaten with wooden sticks with shoes on the end.

And finally him having a flashback of all his training as the shoe is being thrown.

Seriously folks, I took Martial Arts for over 6 years. (Shout out to Tang So Do at Michigan State.) One of the main things they teach you is that when being attacked, you do NOT take your eyes off your opponent and stay calm. The only way Bush coulda got down the way he did was through some real Bloodsport type of training.

Shout out to the Secret Service who came out all late after the dude threw a SECOND shoe. Way to go guys... And another shout out to the Wacky Iraqi crew trained in the ancient secret art of Kung Shoe.

Well, that's it for me...

Peace and Fish Grease


  1. this is also the funniest thing i've seen and I agree with you that his duck was quite flawless...

  2. That was hilarious. I remember when it was on the news. Just think... it could have been something more serious than a shoe and we could have a new Prez already!