The Chris Brown Beat Down

"I'll beat you with my umbrella... ella... ella... eh!"

Wow. I really wasn't gonna touch on this one. But somebody's gotta stand up for the lil' dancin' machine. I mean, considering I have both of his records. Now he has one of his own. ZING!

But seriously, before everybody goes all willy nilly on the dude, let's take a few things into consideration. YES, it was extremely dumb what he did. IF he did it (at this point, it's still an allegation). But assuming he did do it, yes it was dumb. Almost dumber than those Wrigley's commercials. I mean who really dances around with a pack of gum? But beating up your celebrity girlfriend on the night of the music industry's biggest event takes the stupidity cake. But it also goes to show that he has an incredibly uncontrollable problem.

The first thing I did when I heard the rumors of the rumors, was google "Chris Brown Abuse." The very first thing I saw was an article from 2007 where he opened up about how he and his mom suffered abuse from the time he was 6 years old till he was 13. He was even big enough to talk about the affect it had on him and how he deals with women. So instantly I felt a little more empathy for the guy. Then you have to keep in mind, that he's only 19. He's been performing big time since he was 15 or so. I know there was a lot of crap I didn't deal with when I was 19, that came to fruition recently! Let alone to be all over the world, living a surreal life, free of dealing with certain things. I mean I didn't haul off and bite my girlfriend in a Lamborghini or anything, but definitely some things needed to be addressed.

My parents were married for 16 years. I came along in the 17th. Yep, I'm "the let's do it one more time" baby. Reason for divorce? Domestic violence. Luckily I didn't grow up with it, but since my brother and sister are 12 and 13 years older than me, I can see the affect it's had on them. I can only recall one long term relationship that my sister has been in - which has been over for 15 some odd years. And my brother, who seemingly buries himself in work, just went through his second divorce a few years ago. For the record, neither one of them has been abusive or abused to my knowledge.

And yes, we all have our baggage, and difficulties. The key is in how and when we deal with it, or even recognizing the fact that we need to. I can definitely say that my familial relationships have formed the person who stands before you today. The good, the bad, the ugly. And for Chris Brown, it shole is ugly. Hopefully for him, this is that moment we all come to, where everything is stripped away from us, only to reveal how fragile and misguided we actually are. It's at that moment we're forced to see ourselves naked. Not butt ass, 3D porno naked, but emotionally naked. There's always that one traumatic incident as we enter adulthood that forces us to either grow or crumble.

(Side Note: I just got an email from someone who's signature was their initials, "BJ." It's unfortunate that I have the mind of a 5th grader sometimes. BJ should avoid the subliminal and stick to their real name! Same for people with the nickname, Dick.)

Wayne Dyer does a great job of likening our emotional state to an orange. To paraphrase, he basically says that if you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange Juice. If you apply similar life pressure to human being, the only thing that can come out of us, it's what's in us already. If we're filled with anger, then that's what comes out. If we're filled with love, or jealousy, or loneliness... you get the gist. So our job is to fill ourselves with as much love as possible. With love, you can surpass any obstacle confidently and efficiently. The transformation can be difficult, but well worth it.

Anyway, I truly wish Chris Brown, and others the best. This is not the time to scold him, but to hold him. No I'm not gay for the guy, but I do feel for him. All the Browns actually... Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, James Brown..... what is it with these guys?

Let's end with a tasteless joke, shall we?

What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Nothing. You already told her twice.

Peace, and knuckle grease!


  1. You are too much sometimes. Can't you just leave Chris Breezy alone. He knows he messed up... I mean you should never put hands on a woman even if she's a celebrity or not. You know he's gonna pay her to shut up and take him back lol....

  2. Let us just blame all our responsibility in life on our upbringing... great idea!!

    If you cannot act like an adult then you should be treated like a child.

    Chris Brown is another idiot like many who walk this planet and live their lives in a vortex of selfishness and stupidity.

    His actions help define why his music sucks; for example: no reflection or introspection hence no growth...

    I could go on and on, but if you listen to his music you probably won't agree, you'll just give him the pity that he does not deserve.